During its construction and once again when it is demolished, a building is a formless mountain of different sorts of accumulated materials. The exhibition “Cycles. The Architects Who Never Threw Anything Away” addresses the role of architecture within the endless processes of transformation and redistribution of matter and showcases the possible encounter between architecture and sustainability, economy, heritage and memory.

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Cycles takes on several features that bring the show closer to the lexicon of an art exhibition rather than a conventional architecture exhibition. The nature and scale of various artworks instigate the exploration and display of their spatial dimension and eminently performative nature. Hence, and also as a means to designing an exhibition for pieces with such distinct features, inciting this spatial dimension – even where it may not be cardinal – through their placement, the design of their display devices and the lighting design, enables new and unexpected forms of interaction with the artworks and the venue space. The outcome is closer to a multi-sensory, diverse experience, rather dramatic than monotonic.

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The materials and components that shape the exhibition design have different provenances, and past lives with other usages and meanings. And they may also desirably follow future destinations.
As a provisional configuration for the elements that will shape it, the exhibition design closely relates to the principle of resignification, as well as to the temporary character, per se, of an exhibition. But also, the uptake of construction and demolition as equivalent processes of a cycle, thus tending to use unfinished materials, exposing the assembling process and the infrastructure as its finishing.

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2021 – 2022
1700 m2

Exhibition co-organized by the Lisbon Architecture Triennale and Centro Cultural de Belém – Garagem Sul
Pamela Prado, Pedro Ignacio Alonso
Cristina Veríssimo, Diogo Burnay
Rita Aguiar Rodrigues, Ana Ponce Suero (Project Leader), Gitte Vandersteen, Inês Chambel Borges, Jaime Rubio Campuzano
barbara says…
Margarida Ventosa, Ricardo Batista
1001 Utilidades, Carpintauto, Fátima Neto
Francisco Nogueira

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